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The processes involved in a pool cleaning task:

  • Preliminary inspection of the pool.
  • Water testing for PH levels.
  • Choosing the right chemicals to balance water quality.
  • Preparing equipment and products, based on the staining of the pool.
  • Cleaning pool walls, floor, and water.
  • Final result inspection.

179139580There are many different cases and examples of what an uncleaned pool looks like, and the sight is far from being attractive. In order to make them available for use again, they need to be drained, sprayed down, scrubbed and refilled. After that, our pool expert will have to put in the necessary chemicals to balance the water chemistry. Working with BJK Cleaning Service, you will make your life much easier because you will always be able to count on our technicians in Orlando, FL to clean and take very good care of your pool.

As you probably already know, pools tend to turn green due to little or no maintenance at all. This ultimately calls for a chlorine shock, but this is not the only measure as the pool would also have to be checked for any phosphates or metals in the water. Basically, anything that algae can grow on. It usually starts to grow when there is lack of chlorine in the water, which is why you always need to balance out its levels just to be sure that there is no risk, especially in areas where there are objects that prevent sunlight from shining on to the pool. If the PH level is not stabilized, the chlorine will not be able to kill the algae, regardless of how much you put in. This is what causes the water to turn green or yellow.

Another reason for an algae development might be an object that has fallen into the water. Trees in the surrounding area will dirty up the pool, some types of leaves and bark will cause algae to grow and can even create “organic stains” on the plaster. When stains are present, you will have to immediately shock them as quickly as possible with chlorine, and a good scrubbing of the stained area to get it out. It is also necessary to remove all the debris, leaves and other objects if you notice them in between pool cleaning days. If you need the help of someone reliable in Orlando, FL, give us a call!

BJK Cleaning Service is a renowned company that has been working with the community of Orlando, FL since our establishment. During that time, we have built a very successful reputation that allowed us to expand our pool repair service to all surrounding towns and areas within 50 miles. We are fully licensed and insured to operate in the region, and you can rest assured that our guaranteed quality of service will provide you with all the solutions you are looking for!


Always on time!

Our pool cleaning service specialists are always capable of providing a rapid response and a very detailed approach that will meet all of your individual requirements. The job will be done perfectly using contemporary equipment, highly effective products and the professional touch of a precise expert!

Honest and trustworthy!

We always keep our values and strive to provide each of our clients with efficient services at fair prices. Your personal satisfaction with our work and the lasting quality of the solutions we offer are the highest priorities for our pool cleaning service providers! Our team has been working on countless projects throughout the area, and we are currently maintaining the pools of a big part of the local community. We have earned this privilege over years of loyal service and honest, hard work!

  • Cleaning
  • Repair
  • Equipment Upgrades
  • Spa Repair
  • And many more!

When you work with BJK Cleaning Service, you will have the advantage of having a highly qualified and reputable swimming pool contractor at your side. Give us a call at the number listed below if you want to make sure that you have hired someone you can safely trust with your property! We will be glad to hear from you and introduce you to the wide variety of highly effective services we offer in the Orlando, FL area.

Get in touch with BJK Cleaning Service today at 954-421-8322!

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